When it comes to a central air conditioning system, there can be a handful of problems that might need professional interference. With the complex ductwork, the working mechanism of a central air conditioning unit is totally different. Hence, when it shows signs of trouble, make sure that you are asking a professional for ac repair in Delray Beach to look into the matter.

Upon inspection, the following common problems might be discovered and the solution to the same provided.

The Central Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Working At All

Be it your home or in a commercial establishment, a dead central air conditioning unit is killing. So, if the system does not work at all, then the problem might be with the thermostat. It might also be that the system is not receiving any power supply at all. Once the professional technician is called in, they are going to undertake the following steps for getting the ac back on right.

The main electrical panel has to be checked. Also, the secondary circuit panels are also to be given a look at for blown fuse or tripped breaker. In case the problem is identified there, then resetting the breaker or replacing the fuse will be enough. No fault should arise if the central air conditioning system is on a minimum 230- volt circuit.

The professional ensures that the furnace power is turned on and that the power switch of the outdoor condenser is shut off. Also, the 240-volt disconnect should not be shut off.

Once these are done, the thermostat has to be checked but prior to that the power should be turned off. While checking the thermostat if the compressor kicks on, then that means that the thermostat is at fault. Dealing with it is the job of a professional ac technician.

Central Air Conditioner Unit Does Not Cool

A central air conditioning system is supposed to keep your home or office atmosphere comfortable. With the summer months setting in, that is what you will be expecting from the central ac unit. But what of it disappoints you and does not cool well? Just do a favor and don;t experiment with the complex mechanism. Instead, contact a professional for Central Air Conditioning Repair in Delray Beach and get the problem fixed. In all probabilities, the following are what a technician will point out of it os found out that the system is running but not cooling enough.

The professional will check the coolant. If they think that it might require replacement, they will do so.

The central air conditioning system might just require a thorough cleaning to ensure proper air flow.

Many homeowners would think that these are simple do-it-yourself jobs. But what appears on the surface might just be a prelude to bigger problems. So, if you are not eager to invite trouble, make sure that you are calling an experienced ac repair professional in Delray Beach.