Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’re considering replacing your old air conditioning unit or installing a new AC for the first time in your older Delray Beach home, the company you hire makes a big difference in how comfortable you’ll be throughout the year.

Expert Installers for Efficient AC Installation

With our team boasting an average tenure exceeding 10 years, rest assured, our Installers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure your new system is installed correctly. Proper installation is very important for ensuring your AC works efficiently and effectively over its lifespan. On the other hand, if your unit isn’t installed correctly, it can cause inefficiency, higher utility bills, and the system might break down sooner. At Emergency AC Repair Service, we’re here to help you with the installation process. With over 22 years of experience serving Palm Beach and nearby areas, we try to make your system more efficient, lower your cooling costs, and improve indoor comfort and air quality.

Premier AC Installation in Palm Beach

At Emergency AC Repair Service, we take pride in offering best AC installation services in Palm Beach, FL, delivering prompt, courteous, and cost-effective solutions to our valued customers.

When it’s time to install a new air conditioning system or replace an old unit in your Palm Beach home, you can rely on us for superior AC installation service.

Choose a brand: Emergency AC Repair Service specializes in installing some of the most efficient and reliable home cooling products on the market. We’ll collaborate with you to find out which product aligns best with your requirements.

Opt for a SEER rating: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is important in finding out how much you’ll spend on cooling. While units with higher SEER ratings might cost more upfront, the energy savings usually make up for it in the long run. 

Accurately size the air conditioner: Sizing isn’t only about square footage; it includes factors such as your home’s design, insulation levels, air infiltration rates, and internal heat gain. By keeping all these in mind we carefully determine the ideal AC size for your home.

Hire a professional AC installation: On the day of installation, our skilled team will arrive on time to set up your system following the manufacturer’s instructions and our high-quality standards. We’ll adjust the system to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, we’ll give you advice on programming the thermostat to get the most out of your system.


What Others Say About Us?

Our AC suddenly stopped working, leaving us in a bind. Thanks to Emergency AC Repair Service, their skilled technicians swiftly diagnosed and repaired the issue, leaving us impressed with their splendid job.

-Oliver D

When we decided to replace our old AC unit, Emergency AC Repair Service came through with swift installation. Their quick service ensured our home stayed cool and comfortable.

- Dave J.

Is Your AC Not Working

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